Summer Cheers with Mionetto Prosecco

You’re drinking Prosecco from the wrong glass, here’s why:
-Italians believe to taste the Prosecco properly, you need to be able to smell the delicious drink. And you can’t do that if your glass is as narrow as a flute.
-A flute traps the aromatics of Prosecco inside the glass, meaning you’re not getting the desired experience when you take a sip.
-A tulip glass, is described as ‘proper Prosecco glass’ as they have a wider base than flutes yet then narrow at the top.
-But if you don’t have a tulip glass opt for a wine glass as it allows more room for the Prosecco to breath and to allow you to really get a good whiff of the drink before you knock it back. 

This summer instead of taking a trip to the Vineyards I had the chance to take a "trip" to Italy via zoom with the Mionetto Prosecco team. Quarantine sure gave us the chance to do things a bit differently but it was great to connect with others while sipping Prosecco from the comfort of my patio. 

aperitif cocktail- 
2oz. @mionettoproseccousa 
1 1/4oz. @aperolspritzofficial 
Splash of Soda Water
Pour over ice 
Optional garnish: 
Orange Wedge
Mint leaves