Cozy At Home

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Ok, let's talk the coziest pajamas of all time! I am a total sucker for anything comfortable and have more pairs of pajamas than I can count but with spending months at home who can blame me. Every girl needs a Silk Pajama set and this one is priced so well you can own more than one! I love this camel color for summer but I might have to grab a darker set for fall. These are stylish enough to lounge around the house in all day (and I have done that) and the silk can't be beat! 

 This Long Sleeve Bamboo Pajama Set by Cozy Earth Bedding is the softest pair of pajamas I own. This set is made from stretch knit so you can move around easily and lightweight enough so that you can sleep comfortable. They come in two colors- grey and ivory and you won't regret purchasing a set of these. They also make for a great gift so if you are looking for one for a birthday or any other special occasion these come highly recommended. 

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