Why I'm Skipping NYFW

Dear New York, 

I grew up in New Jersey but I have felt like a "New Yorker" as far back as I can remember, heck I even have the accent to prove it. I moved to this great city for college and never looked back. You are intriguing, exciting-  sometimes overwhelming but I wouldn't give you up for any other place in the world. 

 I’ve been involved in NYFW in one way or another since it’s been at Lincoln Center but this year I am skipping out.
You might be wondering why? Well, there are a few reasons

1. I work at a public school in New York. Every year the school year begins just as NYFW kicks off and I struggle to balance both. For many years I’ve changed in the bathroom and bounced around from shows to events but this year I decided I needed the time for me.

2. Weekends: I reserve these for self care, seeing friends & being with my family. Years ago I made the decision to not work on weekends- I won’t even shoot on a weekend unless it is a spontaneous moment when I’m out with my husband. For me because I have a full time job plus a side hustle it is important to set aside some time so that my calendar does not become overwhelming.

3. I love fashion and I love the shows but ever since fashion week spread across the city instead of one central location it became tough. If you live in New York or you’ve visited New York you know what I mean. You can have one show in the Meatpacking district and the next at South Street Seaport and for me unless I have a dedicated driver it’s tough to get from one place to the next and not look like a hot mess especially in September when it's still muggy in New York. 

4.Skipping out no longer makes me feel like I’m missing out. Don’t get me wrong I love what I do and being
able to have the fashion world at my finger tips and making the decision not to go is really tough. I’ve been invited to some amazing shows this year but as a New Yorker I am lucky enough to have opportunities all year round so instead of packing everything into one week I get to spread it out and enjoy fashion all year round. 

If you are attending NYFW this week I hope that you have an absolutely incredible experience- it's truly been an honor to be involved for so many years and I know I will be back!

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