Love Pendants

I am hands down a jewelry gal, you will never find me accessory free (even when I sleep) and you will rarely find me without multiple layers of jewels. From necklaces to bracelets and earrings, I love it all but what I love even more is personalized jewelry that is unique to you. I share initials with my grandmother and I love all the stuff that she has passed down that is monogramed, even as a child I enjoyed having items with the letter "S" on them, anything from bags to jewelry...even my lunchbox- I just couldn't get enough.

When I came across Love Pendants I immediately fell in love. I have seen initial necklaces but they are usually plated or just the letter and something about this brand felt unique and different to me. My Love Pendant has quickly become one of my favorite accessories and what's even better is that they make the greatest gifts for the season. With many different ways to personalize you can find something for everyone!

Love Pendant c/o, Notebook GiGi NY c/o