Style At Home

It has been weeks since the Stay- at-Home order has gone into effect in New York. Aside from content creating I do work at a Public School in the city coordinating a program. While teaching looks entirely different at this moment I am still working and feel lucky to have a job during this time. 
In addition to working remotely other routines have become important in my daily life. I find that routines keep me on schedule, most important on my list:

- Getting out of bed- I have been getting out of bed at the same time every day in order to keep a balance in my life. 

-Getting dressed- to be honest I am not getting dressed like I used to and have worn jeans 2x in the past few weeks but, getting dressed even if it is in sweats or leggings is an important part of my day.

-Working out- I have been using my spin bike 4-5x a week and have been taking some classes as well  via Popsugar Fitness they have a ton of no equipment classes that are great for at home workouts. 

-Continuing to eat right- We are all cooking more which is great and being that I love to cook anyway this one is right up my alley. Of course there is junk food in my cabinet- cookies, chips etc. but 3 meals a day is important to me and I have been sticking to that. 

-Keeping up with friends and family- THEY WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU! We all need connection at this time so pick up the phone, FaceTime whatever you need to do, STAY IN TOUCH!

-Doing my hair! Yes you heard it! I have read so many articles saying to give your hair a break from the heat etc. but nothing makes me feel messier than not doing my hair. My hair is pretty dry so I only need to wash is 2x a week but I have been doing a light blow dry and then curling a few pieces to feel like myself. 

- Keeping up with skincare- I am wearing less makeup these days- a little concealer, a swipe of mascara... But it is still important to wash my face every night and morning and continue using moisturizer, serums and face masks every now and then. 

I know a lot of you have routines that have become part of your daily life, things that we might not have done before but now seem more important than ever and it's all a part of surviving.

 Now, let's get down to what I have been wearing! Cozy, cute sweats and leggings have made up most of my wardrobe with the goal in mind to feel comfortable yet still look put together.

Hope all of you are staying safe! Sending all my love!