New Years: Wedding Options

Monday, December 30, 2019

New Years in the city is stressful, you spend half the time planning what you are going to do building up the moment and usually the event is not as great as you planned on. I have spent several years celebrating in New York, I have done the club scene where you spend an absurd amount of $ to get in, I have done the house party which can be great but getting home is completely stressful &
I have done dinner with friends but you have to make sure you book far in advance so you gotta get your party together early.
In more recent years my husband and I have tried to get out of the city, we spent one year in the Bahamas (seen here), one year in Mexico (seen here) & the past two years we have rented AirB&B's with friends and had an amazing time. 

Well, this year we have a wedding in Philadelphia and aside from the fact that I love weddings this gives us all the more reason to celebrate surrounded by friends. I went a little over on the ordering dresses for the occasion but with all of the sales out there I scooped up so many great options. While I am unsure which one I will be wearing, we have a year filled with more weddings to come so I am sure you will be seeing quite a few of these! 

Cheers to you all! Happy New Year! 

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