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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

I had my makeup professionally airbrushed years ago for my sisters wedding. It was absolutely flawless and I wished I was able to create that same look for special occasions on my own at home. No matter what I would do, how many primers and foundations I would use I was never able to achieve that same look. Finally, I came across Temptu Air and was completely intrigued by this at-home airbrush makeup system. Let me preface this by saying I am not very good when it comes to things that are complicated, I easily get frustrated and give up but, this device is light, clean, easy to use and I have been gloating about it to anyone who will listen. 

This kit comes with interchangeable pods that are easy to pop in and out making the process of completing your look seamless. On the Temptu website you are able to select your foundation shade through a series of questions, there are 24 shades available - one to match every skin tone. 

Let's Set this Up:

1. Charge your air gun with a USB cord (included in package)
2. Shake your pod of choice, open the cap & click it into the air gun

Choose your Setting:

Speed 1: Light Air – Detail work (eye and spot correction)
Speed 2: Medium Air – Everyday flawless makeup application (foundation, blush and bronzer)
Speed 3: Full Air – Highlighter and larger areas (d├ęcolletage, arms)
Always stop and look in between passes until reaching the desired level of coverage. You want to see perfected skin, not the makeup.

Application + Tips:

1. Start by moisturizing your skin, this will help with the application of the makeup. 

2. Set up your illuminating primer and perfector this instantaneously makes you look less tired and lights up your skin creating the perfect canvas to layer on your makeup. 

2. Follow up with your color match foundation spraying it on your face in circular motions, use 1-2 layers depending on how much coverage you need. I like to I like to add an extra later in the shape of a forward 3 and a backwards 3. I start by the mid top of my forehead swoop it around my temples, come to the middle of my cheekbone and bring it back around my jawline. Applying the foundation this way adds contour to your face and hits all the area that need definition.  

3. After you sprayed on your bronzer, pop in your highlighter, I use the highlights on my high cheekbones, on the bridge of my nose, above my upper lip & I dot it on my chin. This highlighter is no joke- it provides serious glow and has that luminous effect that every girl aims for. 

4. Finish up the look with a bit of blush on your cheeks.

P.S. NEW Brilliant Glow: Illuminating Primer & Skin Perfector can be applied under or above foundation, all over the face,depending on how “lit from within” you choose to appear. It can also be used on cheeks, cheekbones, eyes and d├ęcolletage.

**Pro tip: you can dry your face in between colors by using just the air from the gun**

This Rose Gold kit is by far one of my favorites and it also makes for a great gift for the Holiday season (think your mom, sister or your best friend who loves makeup & YouTube tutorials!). 
This is a limited edition so you will want to grab it now and use my code SJ15 to save a few bucks, maybe even to buy one for you and one as a gift! 

Limited edition TEMPTU Air in Rose Gold
Brilliant Glow: Illuminating Primer & Skin Perfector 12 mL Airpod
Perfect Canvas Hydra Lock Airpod Foundation 12 mL
Perfect Canvas Airpod Highlighter (Rose Gold) 3 mL
Perfect Canvas Airpod Blush 3 mL

What is great about this set is that you can customize it by choosing the shades that you want to come in the kit, there ate 24 shades of foundation, 11 blush shades and 2 illuminating primer shades (fair/light and medium/dark). There are fantastic videos on the website which will help you when you apply your makeup the first time, after that you will be able to do it on your own for a flawless luminous look. 

After trying this once I am hooked and have been using it during the week as well as on the weekend. I have been receiving so many compliments on my makeup it is hard not to love this device. It is easy to store and take with you when you travel (way easier than carrying an entire bag filled with all of your makeup essentials) and as a girl who loves to travel makes this a must have in my books. 

Head to my instastories @fashinny and check out the beauty highlight to see how I apply my makeup with Temptu. 
** This item was gifted & sponsored however all opinions are my own **

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