Mother's Day Gift Guide

Monday, May 8, 2017

Wow! I can't believe it is already May and Mother's Day is right around the corner. As I get older I feel that I need to up the ante when gifting my mom for Mother's Day and this year I rounded up some of my favorite makeup, products, sunglasses and jewelry that is sure to be a big hit. Of course brunch is always a big hit- I will be meeting my mom in the city for brunch with a mimosa (or two!) but I always like to have something up my sleeve when it comes to gifting. 

Here is my gift guide!

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1. Kate Spade is always a great choice when it comes to gifting mom and, two great things are happening over at the Kate Spade website, 1. you can grab 15% off your first purchase and 2. they have rounded up an entire list of gifts for Mother's Day narrowing down the choices to top picks for the season. 
2. Boots  when this well known cosmetic and makeup line launched in the US my mom had me running around like a crazy woman from Duane Reade Duane Reade to score one of their advanced serums. When I say this line is phenomenal I mean it, it is 100% a standout drugstore brand and the prices are phenomenal. 

3. Avon- I am sure you have all heard about Avon and I am sure 99% of you know someone who is a rep for the company. This company supports women being entrepreneurs and gives them the chance to either earn money on the side or take it on as a full time career empowering women to make a change in their lives. What better way is their to celebrate Mother's Day than to purchase items from a company that support women. 
I am a huge fan of their array of lipsticks- they are creamy and smooth with color that lasts all day- a definite plus for any woman!

London's Pedisoaks- It is May and we are gearing up to a summer filled with sandals. The last thing anyone wants is for their feet to look like they've been beaten down through the winter months. London's Pedisoaks is a natural 3-step foot care regimen to get your feet in tip-top shape for the season. With multiple gift sets (and a bunch under $50) this is a gift that can't be beat especially for Mother's Day. And, a little background about the company- it was established by a certified aromatherapist Chris Loney who is a mama herself. 

1. If you are looking to spoil your mom this year Lalique Noir is the way to go. This incredible line of exclusive perfumes is bound to make her feel loved and will keep her smelling amazing throughout the day. 

2. Everly Rings If your mom loves the look of diamonds but you can't afford to go there you have come to the right place. This ring line was created with a concept of affordability and helping women to get the look they want without the hefty price. With rings starting at $99 and stacks at an affordable price you are bound to find the perfect set for your mom this Mother's Day.

If you go into the Fresh store in Union Square in Manhattan and flip through their picture book you will come across a photo of me and my mom. She came in for the weekend a few years back and I remember spending the day wandering through Union Square, stopping at Chloe's for a frozen fruit dessert and making our way to Fresh before heading home. This is by far my favorite store in the city and their line of sugar products can't be beat. 
I myself am obsessed with the tinted lip treatments- I love the moisturizing feel as you glide the product along your lip and the tint of color is perfect for an every day look.

I myself am a sunglass junkie and there should be no surprise when I say this, I get it from my mom. When I was younger I didn't understand the concept of needing more than one or two and would question my mom every time we went shopping over her 'need' to stop at the sunglass rack. I totally get it now- I have an entire drawer dedicated to my stash. 

What mother would every say no to more jewelry? Definitely not mine (and by the way, I wouldn't either!) Here are some fab jewels at every price point:

**Disclaimer: all items photographed were gifted for review purposes. All commentary and thoughts are my own**

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