Bikini Season

All right ladies, let's get into the 'real real' with bikini creeps out of no where and we never seem to be ready! Well, this season I decided to get a head start before crunch time and beat the bloat with Skinny Coffee Club. So what is this program and can it work wonders? Well, for starters it takes something that we all do daily (drink coffee) yet with a twist, this coffee is a special blend of super ingredients that are proven to burn fat fast, speed up your metabolism, curb cravings and leave you with elegant and radiant skin. I started my "coffee detox" on Sunday and am enjoying brewing it each morning, just a spoonful of this magical blend mixed with one cup of water and a coffee press is all you need to enjoy this as you start your day. So far I feel great, my energy has increased and I do admit I have less cravings during the day.

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