Quarantine Birthdays & Other Life Celebrations

So the world has thrown us a curveball but that does not mean that we stop celebrating! A few weeks ago we drove to Jersey to be part of a birthday "parade" for my 7 year old niece. We decorated out car and met other family members on the corner of her block and all drove up at the same time. 
It is moments like these that we will never forget, it's the way that we adapt and figure out how to celebrate even through hardships. 
The look on my nieces face was incredible, so much excitement it was hard to contain! It was so nice to see her face and other members of my family and to come together like this for her was so special. 
Of all things she wanted a caboodle for her birthday and I kept thinking if only I saved mine from when I was younger, I never thought they would come back! I mailed her one that my sister gave her in the morning along with other items I dropped off and she was beyond ecstatic to receive it!

This all made me think about traditional gifting and how we can be a bit craftier during this time when it comes to gifting friends and family, here are some cute ideas I happened upon: