Picking the Right Engagement Ring for You

If you read my post yesterday you know all about my process of choosing the right ring for me but what if you don’t know? With so many shapes and sizes it’s tough to narrow it down to just one. Here are some tips to help you narrow it down.

What is your aesthetic? 
Are you trendy? 
Do you have a vintage vibe?
Are you timeless/classic? 

These are the three big questions when deciding on rings that helps to narrow it down.

Deco Elan Engagement Ring Diamond Nexus

 Trendy- right now jacket rings are hot and the great think about this style is that you don’t have to always wear the jacket making your ring more versatile. My tip, pick a classic style as the center so that was you always have that style to work with. This way if you decide to ditch the jacket a few years in and want a new band it’s easy to match up with something new. 

Barcelona Round Cut Engagement Ring Diamond Nexxus

Vintage- for me this has to do with the intricate details of the actual ring. I had a ring that was passed down to me and I loved the details and thought I always wanted to copy this as my ring. But when it came down to it I didn’t know if I’d love it day in and day out. Make sure it’s a design you love that you can picture yourself wearing with everything before committing. 

Emerald Cut Engagement Ring Diamond Nexus

Timeless/ Classic- this is where I fit in. I ended up choosing a cushion cut ring with diamonds around the band because I knew this was something that would never go out of style and would always be classy. There is not a day that goes by that I regret my choice I absolutely love my ring. And the fun thing is you can change out your bands if you want to play around with the look. About the wedding band-since I had a Jewish wedding I used a solid gold band to get married in. I wear that every day on my right hand. With my engagement ring I wear a family heirloom- the ring belonged to Greg’s great grandmother and when I tried it on it fit perfectly. I love that there is so much history attached to my ring and I am proud to wear it. 

With all this said- every person has their own style preference- I have never seen a ring that was not a beautiful piece of jewelry. No matter what type you decide just make sure it is the right choice for YOU and wear it proud!

**Angelix band was gifted by Diamond Nexus however the writing and opinions are all my own**