Why I Chose to Leave NYC for LIC

It's funny when I think about the fact that I left NYC after all these years of living there and to be honest, I have lived ALL over!
I started my journey in Midtown Manhattan for school, moved to the Upper West Side from there I moved to Columbus Circle then headed downtown to Gramercy before moving back up to the Upper East Side. While each area had it's charm and character it also had all the stress that comes with living in a big city. Noisy streets, crowded streets, crowded restaurants, not much time to relax. 
About a year and half ago my husband and I came out to Long Island City to meet friends for brunch, neither of us had ever been here even though it's right over the bridge from Manhattan. It was a cold and dreary day but we fell in love with the area and right then and there decided that this would be our next move. 

These photos were taking at the LIC Waterfront with beautiful views of NYC

We had our game set planned however with talks of Amazon moving to LIC we had to make our move and get in quick as we feared prices would skyrocket and it would be more difficult to find a place to live. We moved in at the beginning of February right before Amazon decided to pull out but we would not have had it any other way. We ended up finding a newly developed apartment that was not even fully rented when we moved in. We took time to set up the apartment, took a vacation a few weeks after we moved in and now with the nicer weather are finally getting to explore the area that we fell in love with. 
People always ask what's the difference, I will tell you!
1. There is no CVS across the street where I can just jet out to when I forget to buy toilet paper, there are a few "upscale" supermarkets that are overpriced and other ones that I don't like shopping at but this has all changed me into a planner. I signed up for Instacart which has saved my life and find myself having more time to do things I love rather than spend hours in a supermarket. 
2. The area is quiet! If you are a New Yorker when was the last time you walked outside and no one else was around? This happens here on the weekends and it is absolutely peaceful!
3. We rarely need to make reservations at restaurants! I still do out of habit but it's not necessary which is so nice! Plus there are a whole bunch of Michelin Star rated restaurants in Astoria that our on our list of places to check out. 
4. I felt comfortable getting Citi Bike here! It feels like more of a neighborhood and the streets are not overcrowded with cars, I have hopped on a bike to meet a friend for drink & to head out to dinner and it's just a wonderful feeling!
5. This might make some people laugh but the movie theater makes me feel like I am in another state. I remember growing up and heading to the movie theater- these huge places with stadium seating & arcades when you walk in. Well guess what? That is what my movie theater looks like now and it might seem funny to a lot of you but it just makes me feel like I live more in a community than a big place where people are coming and going. 

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