Amazon Prime

Remember this skirt? Well it was one of my all-time favorite Amazon finds and it's available on the Amazon Prime Day sale in a few other shades! I absolutely loved mixing and matching this skirt with different items in my closet and love how versatile it is. 
In addition to this great find, I rounded up some of my favorites from the sale- I didn't go too crazy this year but found just the right amount of items that I love that I wanted to share with you. 
I made a list for fashion lovers filled with some cute clothing options, accessories (yes! Amazon earrings) and some in betweens- a hair styler and some makeup. 

As far as electronics go- I think the best deal out there is an HP chromebook that two of my friends already scooped up. I also have been meaning to prep more food at home so the workweek is easy and this prep deck looks incredible!

Pro Tip: Get what you need! No need to spend money you don't have! 
& As always... happy shopping! 

Fashion Lovers: