Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Ok let's get down to the nitty gritty of blogging! Blogging can be a lonely world- a girl behind a computer sharing her love with the world. When I first started blogging I remember going to my first events and kind of feeling a little shy, standing in a corner, grabbing a drink off the tray to calm my nerves a bit and eventually warming up to the crowds. It wasn't until I met a few other bloggers that I kept seeing at events when this business truly became what it is now. 
Behind fashion blogging is friendship- girls who encourage you to be you, who push you to be your best, who support you and most of all GET you! Girls who won't mind if you need to take that extra photo because you blinked or because the light hit you the wrong way. Girls who won't mind if they have to wait an extra 5 minute to take a bite of their delicious looking food because they understand that you have to get the shot right. 

Don't get me wrong- I have great friends from all parts of my life and I am so happy that I have held onto those that make my life extra special. Friends from way back in the day (camp, elementary school etc) friends that I met in college, grad school and great work friends. These friends support me in every aspect of my life but the  behind the scenes of blogging is a whole different ball game. I remember first meeting Katya from Style Sprinter at a few events here and there, finally one night we were at the same event heading out at the same time. She asked me where I was going, I told her where I lived and we could not believe we lived two blocks away, in this huge city that is absolutely a miracle. We laughed about how we probably saw each other on the street running to CVS in our pajamas and didn't recognize each other. I remember changing my shoes before getting into the Uber and only getting one on before hobbling in, I credit that moment for solidifying our friendship and giving us memories to laugh at.

Like I said, blogging can be a lonely world but it is also what you make of it. There are days we get together and bitch about the algorithm and getting changed on the street in the cold but in between those moments we are totally real talking about our lives our loves and our passions. 
And while sometimes we look so serious in our photos the bottom line is- girls just wanna have fun and every time I am with this gal that is just what we do! 

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