Faux Fur < $175

I remember when I was younger bringing a coat when going to dinner or drinks in the city always felt like such a hassle so instead you would hop a cab, freeze your butt off and regret it the next day. As I have gotten older there is no way you would catch me sacrificing my warmth for style but you will find me scouting out the cutest jackets to keep you both stylish and warm. 
We are nearing those dreaded colder months in NYC the ones where we all complain and wish we lived somewhere tropical but, I got you covered with the cutest faux fur jackets for the season! 

This faux fur jacket that I am wearing was a steal that I found on Amazon last season and you can bet I will be wearing it straight through this season as well. I honestly can not even tell you how many times I was stopped on the streets of New York by strangers asking me where I bought this coat and every single one was amazed that I found it on Amazon for under $100. I rounded up this one and a few other great options mostly on sale & all for under $175 so let's pledge to stay warm this year & keep it chic!