Fall Boots: My Favorites for the Season

If there is one thing you all should know about me by now it is that I am a serious boot lover. By serious I mean, I can never have enough and have an entire shoe rack dedicated to my collection. Once the temperatures start dropping (and by dropping I mean 70's and below) I start pulling my collection out of the closet and taking them for a spin. And of course every season I add a couple new pairs (and even have a hard time parting with old ones).

Why am I sharing this fun fact with you all you might ask, well, Target is having a buy one get one on all of their boots and I have been scrolling through ALL DAY to figure out which pairs I am going to nab for myself. With so many great styles and amazing prices this is one sale that I can not pass up and I have been sharing it with all of my girlfriends as if I own Target (one can wish).

As a New Yorker I tend to stick to block heels when it comes to my picks however I have a few in my closet that I reserve for the weekend when less walking is involved and I want more of a pump type of boot. In either case I have rounded up some of my favorites from the sale, all you got to do is pick which two (or four) you want to purchase.