Mother's Day Gift Guide: Part 2

I rounded up some of my favorite gifts for my Mother's Day Gift Guide part 1 last week and I am rounding up a few more great items for part 2 for all you last minute shoppers. With a week away you still have some time to get on this last minute deals and I have a few items at different price points so that you are guaranteed to find something. 

Chloe Sunglasses: If you are looking to splurge and shower mom with designer goods, I highly recommend these sunglasses. I have had mine for about a year and receive compliments every time I wear them.
Shop my favorites: 

I wish you could scratch and sniff this page because Sol De Janeiro is just that good, even my 5 year old niece stole some of my stash and uses it every night before she goes to sleep.

From their face oils (I am obsessed and have been using them with a Jade roller) to their cleansers Derma-E is a great brand. Not only are they natural they are budget friendly making this one of my favorite brands to recommend (also seen here).

Anything with SPF in it tops my lisp especially when it comes to face products. I use these all year round and make sure that in the warmer months I don't burn my face (no wrinkles here). 
Since Mother's Day is in May these are great products to gift your mom so she too can get in the daily SPF routine and protect her skin.

I can go on for days about this line but all I am going to say is- TRY IT, GIFT IT, bronze yourself and look great without the negative effects (also seen here).

Raise your hand if you do not love K-Beauty, ok, I know I can't see you if you are but if you do have that hand raised you have to check out this trend. As I said before I have been using a Jade Roller (and actually bought one for my mom shh!) and loving the effects of this K-Beauty tool. Add to it great products like these from Innisfree and you are set! Insider has everything from face masks to makeup so go ahead and make your mom a K-Beauty gift bag for Mother's Day this year.

Copper and Crane is a luxury skin care line with spa like qualities. Gift these to your mom so she can have an at home spa day. PSA this Spa Bar smells amazing, I have one in my bathroom and you can smell it all the way down the hall- it's that good!

There is one last item on my list and it is by Lumavera- this company cultivates beauty from the ground up and is filled with ingredients like pomegranate, tomato, spinach, rose oil and more. This Oxygenating Mask repairs skin cells for a brighter complexion for an energized youthful look which is just what every woman wants. 

Hope you all found exactly what you are looking for and Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful Mamas out there!!