New York Style Secrets

So I have to share some secrets with you and obviously both of my secrets are fashion related & both have a lot of history some of which is similar. Read on to find out for yourself... 

#1 Nestled on Montague street (only the cutest street in Brooklyn) is TANGO, a boutique shop that has everything from DVF to Frame Denim. I honestly can't believe I have lives in New York for so long without happening upon this boutique. I made my way to Brooklyn Heights a few weeks ago and met Jessica the owner who has an amazing eye for fashion. She immediately knew what would look good on my body type and started pulling fashionable pieces from the racks for me to try on. 

Some Tango history for you, Tango was opened in 1973 by Michael Mastriano and his partner Anthony as a men's only store. This was followed up in 1977 with a women's boutique just across the street and continues to be managed by Michael for over 40 years (in the same location). In 2017 Michael's two children Jessica and Joseph stepped into his shoes and took over owning and operating the business. 

#2 These boots are by SAS and I know what you are thinking because this was my grandmothers favorite comfort brand but they have updated styles that are chic & comfortable in every way. These are the perfect boots for Spring and as the weather has been warming up I have found my self pairing these with everything from jeans to dresses. 

Some SAS  history, in the 70's, co-founders Terry Armstrong & Lew Hayden had a vision of how soft and comfortable genuine leather shoes should be made and created SAS (San Antonio Shoemakers). They started with 13 shoemakers and word of mouth and grew into the company it is today. Today it is in over 1000+ retailers and is still a family owned business. 

What are some of your shopping secrets? 

What I Wore:
Top: Vince c/o TANGO, Denim: Frame Denim c/o TANGO, Boots:Dylan- Sand/Suede c/o SAS. Handbag: Gabriella Satchel c/o Brahmin