Classics & Ways to Afford Them

Ladies- let's talk finances! We all love pretty pieces in our closet- but sometimes we spend a little more than we should and don't save as much as we can. What if I told you their are ways to spend and not feel guilt ridden like some of us do so often? Well I have a little secret for you, 
Barneys Bergdorf & Bills is a a girlfriends' guide to finance written by Sydney Hedberg. After majoring in finance in college Sydney found herself to be the girlfriend who doled out advice to her friends in need when it came to finances. While she loved being the one they called for the advice she started wondering why there wasn't a "girlfriends' guide" to explain the nitty gritty to women. 
Enter Barneys Bergdorf & Bills- the book to have for yourself or gift to a friend in need. The perfect guide for how to save plus how to have enough cash to buy the things you love and every girl needs that type of fund! 

What to purchase for yourself or a gal in need:

Barneys Bergdorf & Bills by Sydney Hedberg

Things to spend on after reading the book:

La Creme Main Chanel
Branche Vermeil Voluspa