How to Shop with Me via Like To Know It

All right ladies- let's get real, a lot of you follow me on instagram and have asked "when you say shop the post, how do I actually do that?" so, I decided to give you all what you wanted and let you in on how to do it! 
1. Download the app- it is a free app that just might become your best friend!
2. Like my photo to get all the deets sent to your inbox or if you are overwhelmed with emails simply screenshot my instagram post and then open the app to see everything I am wearing- from there you can instantly shop all of my looks!


With an ever-changing society and everyone wanting what they see in a heartbeat the app has just rolled out their latest feature, you can follow your favorite blogger (like me! @fashinny) and gain instant access to everything I link. Another fun feature is the discover tab where you can sort through categories and have easy access to a wardrobe or home of your dreams!  

One more easy trick- everything I link is also available on the blog via the shop my instagram tab on the top right hand corner- no more hassle just adding to your cart and checking out!  Happy shopping ladies! XO