Workout like a Pro

I know the deal- you want workout gear that you can wear to the gym but you also want items chic enough to pregame the gym and run errands around town (and cute enough that if by chance you run into an ex you look and feel fab). Also on that list are items that don't break the bank. Trust me there is plenty of workout wear that is $100 and up and while some gals swear by the quality I find you can get just what you are looking for elsewhere. 
Enter Proplayer, athletic wear designed for athletes and pros but available to the normal people like you and me. The ones that want to feel great when they are working out with the ability to push their limits and reach their goals. And what's even greater is, everything is under $50 making grabbing a few sets of gear easy on the wallet.
What I am wearing: 

**These items were gifted however all opinions are my own**