Ballet Flats

As a fashion blogger in NYC I am constantly on the go and honestly when I don't shove a pair of flats in my bag in the morning I seriously regret my decision by about 6pm. Usually the problem is that my bag is too small and I don't want to carry around a pair of shoes that might be a slightly bulky so I try to "man" up but once that pain sets in... there is no going back.
I came across T&N Collection and immediately fell in love with their line of their classic ballet flats. The #1 thing that drew me to the brand was the fact that you can fold them up making them easy to grab on the go. In addition to the fact that they are easy on-the-go, they come in an array of different shades (even some metallics) and you can personalize them making them a great gift (especially for bridesmaids). 

As a young girl my mom would always joke that I had no patience when it came to receiving new things, when we would shop at the mall I had to start taking items out in the car and wearing them immediately whether it was bracelets, sunglasses or even shoes. Not much has changed and I tried these on immediately upon receiving them. I was completely surprised with the fit and the level of comfort as I walked around trying them on. Unlike other ballet flats or fold up flats these have a padded sole and a non elastic heel which adds to the level of comfort. And trust me, after an entire day on my feet these ballet flats feel like heaven! 

Made of leather these ballet flats are not only comfortable they are luxurious and look great with anything from dresses to jeans. Below is just a sampling of all the colors that are available so head over to the T&N Collection and start shopping for yourself. Stay tuned to see how I styled them later this week. 
Rose Gold, Glistening Blue, Berry, Mauve, Eggshell, Gold

Personalized details on this charm in the back of the shoe

**This post was sponsored however all opinions are my own**