NOMI Beauty

Let's talk about things missing in this world...have you ever been to a hotel for let's say a wedding or an event and you were in major need of getting your hair and makeup done? If so you are definitely like me. A few months ago I was in Chicago for a wedding and thought, no worries- I will find a place...Fast forward to a few miles of wandering in a town I didn't know and yes I found a place but thought to myself- how easy would this have been if I could do it all at my hotel. 
 NOMI Beauty to the rescue! NOMI Beauty is an elite service- room service style which means you stay in the comfort of your hotel while a team of hair stylists and makeup artists come TO YOU! Available on the app store (NOMI-On Demand Beauty) this service is available in over 40 NYC based hotels which is a win-win for beauty lovers. 

SO how does it work? You get to browse through makeup looks as well as hair styles and book your service based on your needs. Easy as 1-2-3 taking the hassle out of the beauty struggle. Last week I got to test out the services at the Westhouse Hotel in New York and loved how easy it was to get ready for a night out. I was ushered in and immediately had my makeup down followed by my hair in an experience that was like no other. Forget the salon- next time you are in New York or happen to be staying at a hotel book your experience with NOMI! 

Photographer: Standa Merhout @standamerhout Hotel: WestHouse @westhouseny , NOMI Beauty @nomibeauty 
                                               Event sponsored by Nomi Beauty however all opinions are my own.