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Hi ladies! I am super excited to announce that I have partnered with the ShopDrop App to give you
all the latest trends that were seen on the runway during NYFW. You know I love a good sale and Shop Drop is the sole mobile resource for discovering sales in New York City, Los Angeles, London and Paris. I will be writing monthly posts that you can see on their blog ---> right here and will be tracking all the latest trends and what you should be looking for when hitting those sales!

Fashion trends, similar to the weather are something we can predict. I’ve often found that the best time to buy for the upcoming season, is at the end of the previous one. As we end Winter and move into Spring we already have an idea what will be in style for next Fall! Having this knowledge can help you narrow down your search, and allow you to buy in advance, while things are available for major discounts!

Here’s why being in the know is crucial:

1. Knowing what will be in next season allows you to buy more universal pieces that you can wear in the following season as well.

2. SALES! As the spring line becomes available at full price, fall and winter pieces go on major clearance! By knowing upcoming trends, you can purchase pieces that are on sale now that you can start wearing again next Fall.  

So what trends are in the forecast?

Fringe: Fringes are sticking around and not only on handbags- This feminine addition to any accessory has hit the runway showing up on all types of hemlines including the bottom of skirts and dresses, as well as tops and pants.

Plaid/Tartan: This is a schoolgirl favorite has been seen on everything from coats to pant suits to fur lined jackets. This trend can easily be worn throughout the seasons!  Try a lightweight plaid for Spring and Summer (think chiffon, linen) and move to warmer wear for the cooler seasons (think wool).

Statements Tees: These have been seen all over the runway as a political statement and look great paired under a blazer with a pair of ripped denim! Whether you are making a political statement or just wearing a tee with a cute statement these tees are the way to go. 

Sheer: From blouses to dresses this trend took over the runway. My favorite was the sheer skirt- it's so sexy and chic and can be worn in multiple ways- think layering one over a pair of jeans or over a mini skirt for another great look! 

Metallic: I mean who does not love metallic and it is no longer confined just to the holiday season. Want to be daring? Try a metallic pant with a blouse for a great date night look. 

Buy Now Wear Later: These items are going to be high in demand for next Fall through Winter- my suggestion is start stocking up now by hitting the sales and scouring some huge savings on these items. 

Cozy: Anything oversized 

& overly cozy is where it is at for Fall/Winter 2017. I am loving the sweaters with pom poms and cute patterns- a little bit of a departure from the classic pull over. 

Shearling: These jackets were huge in the 70's and they are back in a major way- they have already hit street style for this season (the Acne version has been seen on everyone from Gigi Hadid to Chiara Ferragni). 

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