NYFW: Dream Dry

Wow! I am back- I took a few days off from blogging during NYFW and right after (much needed R&R) but I am excited to share with you my entire NYFW experience and then how I kicked back right after the entire experience. NYFW is definitely a whirlwind from the shows to events, meet & greets, backstage appearances and everything in between it's an experience that stands next to no other. Countless fashionistas (NYC based and from across the country) hop around the city from one show to the next and try to make time to chat, to unwind and to share their experiences with friends and other fashionistas.

With all that goes on you might wonder how do you have that time? Well, for starters think of the best place that girls can gather, gab and enjoy themselves while still in the mindset of NYFW.  Did you picture it? Yup, one of my favorite places- a salon! Yes, it takes a team of people to keep us girls going during NYFW and Dream Dry in the Flatiron District was one of my favorite places to "get glam" for the shows. I met up with a group of my fellow Style Collective gals for a sponsored event and enjoyed champagne while we all took turns getting our hair done for the evening. It was great to have a place to gather before the shows, meet some girls who were in from different States and chat about everyones experience thus far and see what everyone had on tap for the rest of the week. I myself was headed to Chocheng followed by Sherri Hill where I re-united with some of the girls I met at the salon.

If you are in town I highly recommend popping into Dream Dry and giving it a whirl- if you do send me a message and let me know how you enjoyed your experience! Cheers ladies!!

What I Wore: Coat Laurence & Chico c/o Factory PR, photos c/o @boraimages