Men's Gift Guide

Hey Ladies! A few times a year I round up some great gift ideas for the men and figured what better time than Valentine's day! I have a few items on my list for my man and a few items he loves that I threw on here for you ladies to explore. Here are some ideas:

1. Mini Drone: Last weekend we went to Spin in NYC to play some ping-pong with a couple friends, I got our in the first round but my boyfriend continued on to third place and took home a mini drone. He is fascinated by it! Think toys for grown ups and you will get the idea!

2. Active Fit hooded Jacket by North Face: I mean anything North Face usually makes the list but I absolutely love this style and think it is the perfect gift!

3. Ray Ban Aviator Sunglasses: Again, you can't go wrong with these- I love picking items that you know he won't buy for himself but would appreciate having them and these Ray Bans fit that bill!

4. Happy Socks: Great colors, great patterns what can be wrong! My mom actually got my boyfriend a pair for the holidays and he loves them so I figured I would scoop up a few more (and these are on sale).

5. Jack Spade: Wallet and Money Clip- My boyfriend uses my hair ties as a wallet- true story! It's time to trade up!

6. John Varvatos Deluxe Gift Set: a few items that smell nice...maybe more for you than him!

7. No More Love Tee: Or anything Michael Jordan!

8. Perry Ellis Toiletry Bag: I love how classic this one is and it's on sale- a win win!

9. Richer Poorer Men's crew socks- another cute round up of things any man needs.