Remember these earrings? I designed them a few months ago via Julbox (see post here) a website where you have the ability to see your designs come to life. Julbox just got a face lift and added so many new styles to help you build the jewelry of your dreams. 

So how does it work? 

Step 1: Decide what type of jewelry you want to create: 

                                          Step 2: Pick your style? Are you a choker girl or the dainty type?
                                           With many styles to choose from there is something for everyone!

Step 3: After you choose your necklace type you add details to make it yours! 

With multiple shapes and styles to choose from (letters too!) it's simple to design your jewelry. You simply drag the item you want from the column and drop it in the box. You can hit the preview to see your design, if you like it you're good to shop, if not simply delete it and keep playing around until you create what you are looking for.

Since I am all about stars this month I decided to add a few to my choker. I simply dragged and dropped the shapes in the box and then added a cut out to the middle star to make it more interesting. 

                                                              Step 4: Preview your jewelry:

Step 5: Shop! It's that simple!! Try your own or go ahead and visit my shop to shop my previous designs. I just designed this one and ordered it so it will pop up in my shop soon! I can't wait to style it!!