Get the Look

I love high fashion but not necessarily the price, when this Chloe bag came out I was determined to find a similar one that fit my budget. While searching around I came up with two great options to fit anyones budget that look great and are a fraction of the price.
I myself grabbed the Shein: Grey Ring Accent Faux Sueded Flap Bag for only $28.50 and have been wearing it everywhere! Though its compact it has three pockets and fits more than one would expect making it a great bag for going out. And at only $28.50 it gives you some extra spending money so instead of just grabbing the bag you can grab some looks to go with it!

                                           Chloe: Faye Shoulder Bag $1950
                                Genuine People: Faux Leather & Suede Bag $145
                            Shein: Grey Ring Accent Faux Sueded Flap Bag $28.50