Luv It

This past month I moved to a new apartment and in the process I was able to closet purge. My closet has inevitably become a nightmare filled with items I was holding onto for no reason. In the clean out I was able to jot down a few "must have items" for Fall that I was lacking and since I am addicted to online shopping I turned to the new LUV.IT app to help me stock up on my needs.


So what is LUV.IT ? LUV.IT is a one stop shopping app that lets you collect your favorite items kind of like Pinterest. After you tap the heart and "luv it" the photo is collected on your page and stored. You can shop immediately (like I did) or come back later and pick out what you need. When you do shop you get cash back with every purchase which means if you buy it you get a kick back but also if someone else buys something you shared you get a kick back as well! 

Want to experience all the fuss? Add your name to the waitlist to gain access and see what I've been gathering and adding to my new closet @fashinny !