MKT @The Four Seasons SF

Being a New Yorker I must say I am quite spoiled, in our neck of the woods you don't even have to start thinking about dinner until after 8pm, get ready and head out to eat at 10pm. In most other areas of the world restaurants close at 9, 10 if you are lucky and us New Yorkers just don't get it! While in San Francisco I took every opportunity to seize the day and pack it all in. I arrived back at my hotel around 6pm both days exhausted, hopped in the shower and then took a little bit of time to unwind before dinner. Lucky for me MKT Restaurant and Bar at the Four Seasons in SF is open late and was able to accommodate us East Coasters.

Dinner and Drinks hosted by MKT Four Seasons

MKT is focused on market to table freshness and we were not disappointed. Being that we were close to the Bay we wanted to take every opportunity to eat fresh fish while in California and MKT had the perfect array of dishes. And, since we were on vacation a cocktail or two is never a bad idea! The bar is a true "bartender's bar", featuring the cocktails made with seasonal and local ingredients. During our visit the Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts were in the middle of their latest chapter in the brand's Cocktail Quarterly series with Margarta Moments, featuring PatrĂ³n Silver tequila. I went for the La Patrona- (Patron Silver, grilled pineapple, lime, agave & fire tincture) and was amazed with the amount of flavor that was infused into this drink- I joked that I would try to make it at home but instead I might need to visit again and put in a special request!