Pantyhose for a Cause

It's that in between time of year when you don't yet have a tan and you're slightly self conscious of your legs to start the season- instead of hiding behind jeans to cover up I have a better solution! I just tried my first pair of Frangi Pangi- luxury pantyhose that are literally a concealer for your legs and I am hooked. It's amazing how my confidence was boosted after putting a pair of these on and how comfortable I felt flaunting a dress around town. Frangi Pangi comes in ten varied tones to match your skin and lets you show off what you have in a more natural manner.

Frangi Pangi was created by Jocelyn Maminta in 2010, not only has Jocelyn found a way for women to feel more confident (and solved the problem with this "no-run" pantyhose) she also devotes her time to non-profit work. Jocelyn is the co-founder of Caroline's Room, a safe haven for families coping with challenges and uncertainties surrounding the birth of a premature baby. This is dear to my heart as my nephew was born a few months early and was at the Nicu at LIJ for about two months. I know that my sister got strength from those around her and being able to give back to such great cause is important in my life. There are currently ten custom designed rooms that serve as a place of respite and hope; of spiritual and medical guidance at a time of great need and profits from Frangi Pangi supports this continued work.