Disclaimer, all sunglasses in this post were received from the brand however the opinions are my own.

Sunglasses are one of the best accessories because they are easy to change on a day to day basis depending on your style. Because I change my sunnies so often I rely on Polette Eyewear for all my needs. With styles under $50 (with a lot of under $20 options) Polette is a great place to stock up on all the trends for the season. 

Some facts about the brand:

  • All prescription lenses receive a UV400 coating that ensures 99.5% of all UV light is filtered.
          Enjoying the sun can be done safely with a polette! 

  • Don’t have such good eyes?
          Polette's opticians love to place tinted prescription lenses starting at $19.98 so you’ll be seen
          and you’ll see well! 

  • A pair of sunglasses from polette offers style and protection. With 7 different colors and 4 tint-levels per color, our collection is a candy store for lovers of glasses.