Armadio: Italian Leather

Well it's officially leather weather in NY and what better way to celebrate than with the launch of Armadio. What is Armadio? Armadio is an eCommerce site that brings Italian luxury fashion from Italian craftsmen directly to the US. Created by three Italians that grew up in a small town and decided it's time to connect the artisans from their small town to the world. 
What's so great about this company? Armadio is direct connection between the consumer and the artisan, by cutting out the middleman the consumer is able to get the products at face value without retail markup.  
With each product purchase you receive a card about the artisan, his story and craft, how amazing is that? The site just launched so get on top of this fashion and join me in this new movement. Simply click the link to join the referral program and start earning products today---> Armadio Fashion“Buona Spesa”, or happy shopping!