Hair Care

I admit it! I am a hair junkie, anything new (or improved) with the promise of magically changing my hair and giving it life is on my hit list when I shop for products. I am always in search of something that not only smells great but will also repair all the damage I have done by using a flat iron.
Elin Bianco Treatment Shampoo is formulated to clean, nourish and soften hair while making it more manageable and adding shine and that is just what I have been looking for!

Enriched with organize palm kernel oil, natural silicon, coconut extracts, flax oil and sea-buckthorn oil this product smells clean and fresh and gives my hair that extra added shine that women envy (and constantly pin to their pinterest boards). I have been using this product daily for the past week and love the results my hair has new life with less visible damage. 

The line has multiple products ranging from the treatment shampoo to hair perfume, I can't wait to try the treatment mask next week. In need of some products? Head over to their website and order this luxury set, it comes with 5 products and you will not be disappointed! Better yet, put it on your Valentine's Day wishlist, your hair will thank me!