Must Read Article: Salad Lovers

I for one get into a lunch rut when packing my lunch to go to work and end up either eating the same thing over an over or throwing random items together to fill in the gaps. This is until I started my own web search on interesting salads and came across this must read article...Your lunch will never be the same!

Salads have come a long way, baby.
Forget the online search—we’ve got you covered with 15 Sensational Salads you must try this year.
Avocado Hummus Salad – Creamy avocado tops a bed of greens layered with queso fresco, roasted corn, and pepitas, and is dressed with delicate grapefruit hummus vinaigrette.
Jicama Tortilla Salad – Matchstick-cut jicama, bell pepper, and mango are layered with spinach, then topped with a creamy peach dressing and crispy fried tortilla strips.
Garbanzo Salad with Mango Cumin Dressing – A quick and easy pull-together salad or appetizer chock-full of fiber goodness, this salad is sure to become a staple in your household.

Sweet Life Bake
(Sweet Life Bake )
Harvest Cobb Salad – The classic Cobb salad gets a delicious makeover with chanterelles and sweet potatoes. Ditch the main course—trust me, this salad can hold its own.
Seared Chicken, Tomato and Orange Dressing Salad – Looking for a new lunch salad? Well look no further. Succulent chicken over a bed of leaves and  juicy tomatoes with a citrus dressing will leave you satisfied until dinner.
Nicoise Salad – The classic French salad gets a Latin spin with avocado slices, lime marinated onions, and a cilantro-serrano vinaigrette.

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