Tipsy Tuesday: Skin Care

I have to admit the past few weeks with my skin has been a bit challenging. With the change of the weather my skin has become a bit dry and eek I have had a few break outs. So I needed to change up my routine a bit and add more hydration to combat the cooler weather.

I am a huge fan of oils for your skin and a few weeks ago I picked up this avocado oil at Fairway. I literally douse my face in this before I go to sleep a few nights a week and there has definitely been a visible chance in my skin. What's even better is that this oil is great for your hair, body and nails as well making it a multi purpose purchase.

Moisturizing Tricks: Avocado OilHydro Boost gel cream by Neutrogena c/o InStyle

My second go-to is Hydro Boost gel cream by Neutrogena, this little blessing in a bottle is specifically for extra-dry skin just what I was looking for. This is a lightweight gel that instantly hydrates the skin and is clinically proven to hydrate skin for 48 hours. I have been using this every morning and have been successful in combating the dryness caused by the change of weather. 

                                         Try it out for yourself and let me know what you think: