Memoris - Timeless & Classic

So rarely do you come across something so beautiful and unique in design that it takes your breath away. These moments are so few and far in between that you remember each one and take note. Recently I came across The Memoris watch, an innovative timepiece that has taken my breath away. So beautifully crafted with attention to detail as well as functionality The Memoris was created to celebrate the upcoming 200th anniversary of the chronograph whose true inventor was XIXth Century watchmaker Louis Moinet himself. 

When searching for a watch timeless and classy are two words that come to mind and the Swiss independent watch brand- Louis Moinet fits the bill. The company is named after the master watch maker of the 19th Century and inventor of the true chronograph. It's no wonder that The Memoris was just nominated for the prestigious Grand Prix d'Horlogerie of Geneva. This statement piece  is sure to catch the eye in both the design world as well as the fashion world. 

Now, you all know me as a fashion forward gal and as a gal who has a huge appetite for fashion and accessories but when shopping, I tend to stick to two rules:

1. Save where you can on trendy items that are hot for the season.
2. Spend on items that are timeless and classic that will last for years to come.
With those two rules in mind you can stay on top of trends yet have enough money to spend where it counts. And when it comes to this watch there is no doubt in my mind that it is worth every penny as it adds a whole lot of class to your wrist. With only 3 limited editions and 60 copies by set The Memoris is available in 18K pink gold, 18K white gold rhodium-plated mainplate and 18K white gold-blued mainplate.

                                          Want to see more? Click the mesmerizing video below: