Fit for Fall

Summertime is simple, it's  nice out, you want to look good and you see the rewards at the beach...During Fall not so much! You start covering up with layers and large sweaters and the pounds can easily creep up! I have been trying to keep up with Classpass through the month, obviously there have been days where I have been quite busy- September was Fashion Week and October started SS16 previews however I have managed to sneak in a few classes this month!

What am I loving?

Crank: Thankfully there is a joint a few blocks from my apartment and with a few different types of spin classes- Crank has me hooked. The teachers are energetic and push you hard (which we all know it's easy to slack) and every minute is worth the sweat!

Chaise Fitness: Bungee Ballet: Honestly, the first time I saw this class I had no idea what to think but I went in with an open mind and absolutely loved it. This class uses an overhead bungee system to help sculpt your arms and core by using a mix of ballet techniques that are challenging yet rewarding.

Pilates on the Square: I have to admit before signing up with Classpass I have never been on the pilates machine or the reformer. These classes use both methods and target  every muscle in your body. What I love about this class is that when you leave you feel relaxed and calm yet you know you just got in a killer workout!

Are you ready to join me in keeping Fit for Fall (and Winter)? Sign up at Classpass (<--- click here) and join me as I take classes (find me here SJ867) and inspire me to keep going!