Throwback Tuesday

Salome $140Sylvia $150Magdelena $160,  1460 Tracker $125

I still remember my first pair of Dr. Martens, I was in High School and was so excited to go to the mall with a group of friends for the first time. Of course, one pair wasn't enough so I showed up back at home with two, a pair of boots with the hooks at the top and a pair of Mary-Janes. Of course my mom said one pair was enough for the time being and I had to return by boots but you could have counted on the fact that I went back and bought my boots the next season.

A few weeks back I headed down to the Supermarket for a private screening of Dr. Marten's Spirit of Buffalo an exclusive film screening celebrating the 30th anniversary of Ray Petri's iconic buffalo shot "Killer". Doc Martens lined the room with their new Fall 2015 styles and I am looking forward to grabbing a new pair for Fall (too bad I didn't save mine from High School1).

So there is one question left! Are you an old school Dr. Martens lover or are you a new trend Dr. Martens lover? I think I fall in both categories, loving the classic boot but also wanting a new wedge or heeled pair! Maybe this time around I will grab two pairs and get to keep them!

Want to see the video? Click Here