Tipsy Tuesday: IfChic Shopping Online


As a girl in NYC I am used to having boutiques at my fingertips, and as a shopper (that will walk miles until I find what I am looking for) NYC is the best place to be. However, I happened upon IfChic an online shopping oasis and must say that I am quite hooked in the shopping department.

Sow how does IfChic work?
IfChic sets aside the 24th of each month for a shopping event that you can not miss, all month when you visit the site you can collect $2 coins totaling up to $6 a day by clicking around the site (multiply that...$180 per month). At the end of the month on the 24th you have 12 hours to shop using the coins you earned that month. At 12pm your account re-sets and you can start to collect again for the next #IfChic24 shopping event (note coins don't carry over so spend them on the 24th!!)

Yesterday I released a teaser video of the items I was looking at to purchase during the #IfChic24 event and I am excited to share my picks below:

1. Loup: Coco Plaid Dress:

2. Walter Baker: Printed Python Dress:

Stay package should arrive within the next few days! And don't forget, join me in collecting your IfChic coins today!