FASHinNY Revamped!

Some days I get ideas but don't have enough time to work on them for months and sometimes they come instantaneously when riding the subway. Every few years I have "fine tuned" my blog but this time I think I found the perfect concoction and I am excited to share it with you all! Introducing my daily themes:
Tipsy Tuesday, What I Wear Wednesday, Teacher Tip Thursday, Weekend Roundup & an occasional style spotlight featuring one of you! I'm really excited to stick with a theme... this way you guys will know what to look forward to in my posts and when to tune in! Of course there's room for other things I love like Travel so when I Jetset you can expect a travel roundup of where I went, what I wore and all the fine details in between!

A peek into my "themes"

Tipsy Tuesday: Fashion, Beauty & Fitness Tips to keep you in style & in shape!
What I Wear Wednesday:  Yup! You guessed it, Wednesday is an outfit post!
Teacher Tip Thursday: Budget fashionista, where I feauture a brand an item I love or an outfit post featuring items under $100 so you can stay on a budget while being fashionable (my expertise!)
Weekend Roundup: What's up NYC: Things to do whether you live in NYC or you're just visiting.
Style Spotlight: Street style featuring one of you! With my camera in my bag you will never know who I spot, get ready NYC!