Total Beauty

Inside the studio

Before class with Lauren from Divalicious & Jaclynn from Blazers & Bellinis

Dr. Whitney Bowe talking about skin & health 

Kristen: Our fabulous instructor

Working it!!

Blogger who can work it, with Dr. Bowe (center)

Dr. Whitney Bowe & the fabulous team

Last week I joined a group of bloggers as we took on the world of fitness, health and skin at Uplift Studios (an all female gym!) in the Flatiron District. Dr. Whitney Bowe started off the evening talking to the group about ways to take care of our skin especially in the Summer time in NYC (hot streets, hotter subways...) and gave us a few pointers to get that fabulous glow! After our "skin chat" with Dr. Bowe we started our Sculpt Fusion class which was an amazing mix between yoga and a body pump class. To top off the night we had a debrief time after the class with fruit, vino (we earned it in Sculpt Fusion) and a few other healthy bites. 

Want to be in the know in terms of Skin Care? Here are some Dos and some Donts for healthy skin according to Dr. Bowe:

Fish and Healthy Fats
Antioxidant-Rich Fruits and Vegetables
Yogurt: Probiotics
Eliminate Stress (take a workout class and blow off steam!)

High Glycemic Index Foods
Milk and Other Dairy Products
Milk Chocolate
Fatty Foods

These tips should help kick off that glowing skin for Summer and, if you need a little boost in the acne department (I know I tend to break out on my back during the Summer months) try Aczone a prescription anti-inflammatory & antibacterial gel. Unlike benzoyl peroxide which can dry out your skin, Aczone contains dapsone, a gentle yet effective ingredient ideal for adult female skin. 

Photo Credit: Alexa Drew & Jaclynn from Blazers & Bellinis