A few weeks ago I joined two of my friends for a Beyonce Hip Hop class at Banana Skirt Productions in NYC. Once I heard Beyonce I was sold and the class lived up to all I thought it would be!
Set to the tune of Beyonce's 7/11 song, the instructor preceded to teach us all the moves and as Beyonce would put it, it was one "fierce" class. Now, I can dance but, I am no Beyonce! The beauty of the class was that no one cared and the instructor made sure that we all "let it all out".

After taking the class I started exploring ClassPass, I have heard so much about the Fitness Program yet since I already am a member at a gym was hesitant to switch it up. Well, that no longer stands true as I am hooked to the idea of ClassPass and having a monthly membership that works for me, based around my schedule and classes I am interested in taking.

                                   Want to sign up with me? Click Here and let's get started!!

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