Fruit Water

Homemade Raspberry Water: Just add fruit! 

I must say 1 week down and I am proud of myself!  I have successfully peeled myself out of bed early every morning this week to do morning workout video with the girls at Tone It Up and I must feels good! I never thought I would be one to say this but there is something about getting a kick start to the morning that makes you feel better throughout the day! As promised, I am keeping up on my tips for Tuesday, today's tip: Fruit Water!

I admit, I am awful at drinking water, at work I usually down my coffee and that's my drink for the day. Lately I have been making a conscious effort to drink more at work and after and I find that adding some flavor via fruit makes a world of a difference! I keep a jug in the fridge at work and at home and have had fun playing with different flavors over the last few weeks.

Here are some great ideas:

Strawberry Cucumber Mint Lime Water
Photo via back to her roots

Load it up! Mix any fruit you want for a delicious healthy sip! 
Photo Via Green Blender