Around the Corner: Trends for Spring

Wow! This Weekend in NY really turned the corner and got us East Coasters hopeful for Spring! It was the first Weekend in a while that a. it didn't snow and b. I actually felt like going outside for a walk! With the fresh air surrounding the city I am sprucing up my wardrobe for Spring and am excited about a few trends! So what do you need to buy?
1. Wide Leg Trousers: I was a bit skeptical on this one but I tried a pair on at Zaras and am obsessed! Way more comfortable than your skinny jeans and equally as stylish! I am also a fan of the high waisted ones, go ahead try them!
2. Crop Tops: This trend is great with high waisted skirts and pants, a great compliment to the two other trends on this page! Don't want to show your skin? You don't have to! Grab a wider crop top that falls about an inch past your waist line!
3. Midi Skirts: Modest, sexy and chic! Pair this trend with heels and either a crop top or tucked in blouse!

Shop the looks below: