So Avocadolicious!

Current favorites on my nightstand:So Avocadolicious Body Butter, Dry Oil & Hand and Body Crème c/o Lysium

For starters, I grew up frequenting drug stores, whether it was CVS, Target or Sephora, my mom and I would spend hours smelling everything we could and leaving with fun items to fill our cabinets with. Till this day I love products that smell good but more than that I tend to look for products with pure ingredients that nourish my body.
I came across Karelen, a product line that includes a range of Hand & Body Crèmes, as well as a series of fast-drying, non-greasy Dry Oils for hair and skin. The goal of the company is to deliver a full spectrum of natural essential oils that heal, nourish and protect and the products do just that.
I am obsessed with all things avocado so I figured why not try the So Avocadolicious  for my skin and I am sold! The smell is fresh and the Hand and Body Crème as well as the Body Butter are smooth to the touch and glide right on. Being a huge fan of body oils the Dry Oil is right up my alley- I started smoothing a bit on my arms and legs after the shower for that perfect silky smooth skin that glistens.

A little bit more about the products:
The amazing avocado is a natural wonder, ripe with health benefits for your entire body. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids and Vitamins A, D and E, Karelèn So Avocado-licious Hand & Body Crème penetrates and protects your skin, providing the deep moisture your complexion craves. It soothes, smooths and refreshes, naturally boosting collagen production to restore fresh, healthy, delectable-looking skin.

Go ahead, try it yourself! And while you are at it, check out the other scents and drop me a line, I am wondering which scent to try next!