Ode a la Rose

A few weeks ago I arrived home to see a lovely package waiting for me at my doorstep. To my surprise is was a package from Ode a la Rose containing beautiful roses that made my day! Well finally, I am excited to share that Ode a la Rose's innovative video messenger app is now live and available just in time for the holidays!

Sending flowers to a loved one is romantic, kind, thoughtful – but it’s not very personal and it lacks a certain je ne sais quoi... Imagine if you were there with the delivery man as he brings your bouquet to your girlfriend or boyfriend uptown, or your sister three states away. Now you can be. Almost. With a few simple steps, not only are your flowers delivered but a special virtual card designed just by you are included in the package. Send a picture, write a text message, record a video or a voice message. With this new app your love ones don't seem so far away! Check it out now and send those you love that special package! 

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Visit the website --->   Odelarose  or download the app ---> App