Gift Guide #1: Muttis Woolen Goodies

Mommy and Child Socks $32

Puls Warmers $10

White Beanie Hat $30

During the Holiday season I am always in search of unique, homemade gifts to give to friends and family and Etsy is my go-to place for just that. I met Rahel at a group brunch a week ago and enjoyed chatting with her throughout the brunch. At the end of the brunch she started taking out a knitted hats and socks passing them around the table and telling us the story of her grandmother who knits them in her home and just started venturing out on a new business plan selling them on Etsy. Knitted gifts are great for the Holidays and Mutti's Woolen Goodies are #1 on my gift guide list for the seas
I already purchased the above beanie hat in custom colors (can't wait to wear it!) ...What will you choose? Check out her pages: Muttis Woolen Goodies: Facebook Etsy Shop Muttis Woolen Goodies.

The Story behind the goods as told by Mutti's granddaughter Rahel:

Mutti is my 85 year old grandmother who lives in Mannheim, Germany and loves to knit. Friends and family of ours have enjoyed her talents for many years and her socks and hats are very popular gifts. Since I moved to the US 5 years ago, Mutti has come to visit me every year. In the beginning the trips helped her to get over my Vati's, her husband of 60 years, passing away. She found the joy in life again and she swam in the ocean at 82 for the first time in her life! Over the years the travelling has enriched her life and brought her so much energy that she even joined a gym to stay fit.

This year however, Mutti told me that she cannot come to visit me in the US because she does not feel energetic enough and also has spent parts of her savings on the past travels. She is recovering from surgery this summer. This is when I promised her to help her market her talents by selling her socks and hats. Lets support Mutti to make her feel needed and that she has a purpose and thus bring her to NYC to see me! When I told her about her first commercial order from a friend of mine, Mutti immediately went to work and told me that she suddenly feels a big boost of energy. So it works!

Lets bring Mutti back to NYC!