NU Evolution Cosmetics

Nadine Cormier Diaz

Sandra Anderson Diaz

Did you ever think of the actual ingredients in the products you put on your face? Makeup can be packed with toxins that clog your pours, cause breakouts and are just plain harmful to your skin but, thanks to a new makeup line on the market you don't need to worry anymore. NU Evolution cosmetics was founded by Sandra Anderson Diaz and Nadine Cormier Diaz and is made entirely of organic and natural ingredients. Luxury without toxicity? Yes it is real!
I met Sandra and Nadine at the Roger Smith Pop Up Shop and had the chance to try out some of their products. The pigments are rich in color and are easy to apply and wear from day to night. 

Looking to make the switch to products that are actually good for your skin? Visit the website (click here) and start your journey to becoming Green!