NYFW Trends: Wear Now, Wear Later

I literally feel like I stepped off the plane from the Dominican Republic and fell straight into New York Fashion Week and while Fall is on most of our minds, mine has fast forwarded to Spring 2014 (hopefully skipping all the snow with it!)
The great thing about Fashion being a season ahead is that you know what trends are ahead making buying pieces that will last an easier feat. So what are we looking for for the season? Take a peek in my Fashion Notes for trends that will take you from Fall through Spring so that you can wear now and wear later!

1. The Jumpsuit/Romper: I was always afraid to try this trend but once I found the right fit I became hooked. I am so excited that this style is here to stay for the remainder of this year into next and am excited to try it for everything from casual wear to night wear!

2. Denim Everything! Wide legs, denim on denim...it's all a go for Fall and Spring!

3. Oversize: I am excited to push the envelope with pants this season. The high waisted pant and shorts (long bermuda shorts) are in and the wider the better...

4. Sneakers!! Flats are in, finally comfortable fashion!!